Other settings

The other settings provided include an operation lock and channels for sending MIDI messages to external devices.

1.Tap icon_Ver.1_Other


2.Specify the respective settings.

Operation Lock

Switches operation lock ON/OFF. Selecting ON locks device operation so that only the Power button and unlock button can be used. This prevents problems such as settings being changed when buttons are touched accidentally.

Send Channel

Set the channel on which MIDI messages are sent to an external device. Select a channel from 1 to 16. Tap “+”“-” to set the number. To return to the default value (1), tap icon_kururi.

Head Phone Mode (AP-470/PX-870)

Switches headphone mode ON/OFF. Enabling this mode reproduces the natural diffusion of acoustic piano tones when headphones are used.

Volume Sync Equalizer (AP-470/PX-870)

Automatically adjusts the sound quality according to the volume. Enabling this feature ensures that low and high tones are clearly audible even at very low volumes.

Choose one of “OFF” (Off), “Weak”, “Normal” or “Strong”.