Using MIDI Recorder to record/play songs

Recording performances with the MIDI Recorder

Keyboard performance information (key press and release and the weight of touch, etc.) from the musical instrument is recorded as MIDI data.

  • Only one song can be recorded at a time. When a new song is recorded, the previous song data is erased.
  • If you are using a PX-S1000, you can make 2-track recordings.

1.Tap icon_Ver.2_MIDI_Recorder


2.Choose the recording destination (PX-S1000).

Choose either “Track1(L)” or “Track2(R)” by tapping icon_Ver.2_Rokuon for the respective track.

3.Tap icon_Ver.2_Rokuon at the bottom of the screen.

The software switches to recording standby mode.

4.Start playing the musical instrument, press the pedal or tap icon_Ver.1_Start.

Recording begins.

Tap icon_Ver.2_REC_Stop to stop recording.

Playing back performances with the MIDI Recorder

1.Tap icon_Ver.2_MIDI_Recorder

2.Tap icon_Ver.2_Start to play back the song.

To stop playback, tap icon_Ver.2_Stop.

Playback ends when the end of the song is reached.

Track1(L)/Track2(R) playback (PX-S1000)

Each time you tap icon_Ver.1_Track_Off for Track1(L)/Track2(R), playback of the sound recorded in Track1(L)/Track2(R) is turned ON/OFF.

  • icon_Ver.1_Track_Off: Records with Track1(L)/Track2(R) muted.
  • icon_Ver.1_Track: Records while playing back Track1(L)/Track2(R).