Listening to and practicing built-in songs

You can enjoy or practice songs built into the musical instrument itself.

  • The number of demo songs stored varies depending on the model. (1-6 songs)
  • You can also play back or practice songs transferred to the musical instrument from a smart device (user songs).

1.Tap icon_Ver.2_MusicL

2.Configure the settings listed below to select the songs for playback or practice.

Song Bank/Music Library/User Songs/Recorded songs: Allows you to select transferred songs and songs built into the musical instrument.

Demo Song: Allows you to select demo songs built into the musical instrument.

3.Select the part to be played back.

Tap the L or R button to enable or disable a part.

  • L ON R ON: Plays both left and right parts.
  • L only ON: Plays the left hand part but not the right.
  • R only ON: Plays the right hand part but not the left.
  • L OFF R OFF: Does not play either part.

4.Adjust the volume as required.

Tap the “+” or “-” button to adjust the setting.
Pressing the “reset” button restores the default setting.

5.Tap icon_Ver.2_Start to play the selected song.

Playback ends when the end of the song is reached. To stop playback in mid-song, tap icon_Ver.2_Stop.