Connecting a musical instrument to your smart device

  • Turn the musical instrument off when connecting it to the smartphone.
  • If the smart device sound appears distorted when played through the musical instrument, lower the volume on the smart device.

There are 4 connection methods.

Connecting via a USB cable

Used for piano remote control, for pedal-based page turning in the PDF Score Viewer and for the MIDI Player.

Connecting via the audio cable

Uses the Audio Player.

Connecting via Bluetooth (PX-S1000/S3000 only)

Uses the Audio Player.

Only the PX-S1000/S3000 models can be connected via Bluetooth Audio. For more information on the connecting from your musical instrument, refer to the User’s Guide for the musical instrument. Open the Bluetooth options in the settings on your smart device and select “CASIO Privia”.

Connecting via a Bluetooth adapter (CASIO WU-BT10)

Used for the piano remote controller, for the Pedal Turner in the PDF Score Viewer, for the MIDI Player and for the Audio Player.

* See here for more details on connections.

Connecting via USB cable

Refer to the connection diagram.

Connecting via a Bluetooth adapter (CASIO WU-BT10)

Refer to Connecting via Bluetooth MIDI or Connecting via Bluetooth audio.