Transferring songs to a musical instrument

You can transfer built-in songs, MIDI files and recorded songs to a musical instrument connected via USB or Bluetooth.

  • Compatible models: AP-270/470, PX-770/870, CDP-S350/S360, PX-S1000/S1100/S3000/S3100

1.Selecting the song to transfer.

2.Tap icon_Ver.2_Settings while the song is stopped.

3.Tap the “Song Transfer” button.


4.Configure the settings as necessary.

Show title, Tempo, file size:

Enables you to check the title, tempo and file size for the song to be transferred.

  • The maximum tempo for songs transferred is 255.

Limit to 2 tracks (Right-hand/left-hand part):

Enabling this setting restricts the number of tracks when a song is transferred to the musical instrument (left-hand and right-hand parts).

Transfer area:

Specifies the area to which the song is transferred on the musical instrument. Set a value from 1 to 10.

Tone Selection:

Tap to display a list of tones. Sets the tone produced by the musical instrument.

Delete user songs:

This deletes the songs saved in the specified transfer area.

5.Tap “Transfer” when you have completed the settings.

Song transfer begins.