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When you launch the app, the screen shown below appears.


Tapping an option shown on the screen opens the corresponding screen.

Piano Remote Controller

Connecting via a USB cable or Bluetooth adapter (CASIO WU-BT10) allows you to configure settings on the musical instrument or operate it remotely.

MIDI Player

You can also use it to play back built-in songs and MIDI files saved on a smart device and transfer them to a musical instrument.

Descriptions of built-in songs

Displays descriptions for built-in songs and composers.

Audio Player

This enables you to play songs stored on a smart device.
You can also change the tempo or use repeat playback.

PDF Score Viewer

This allows you to view PDF scores.
You can also use the pedal to page through a displayed score.

Connection Settings

This allows you to adjust the Bluetooth MIDI connection or Bluetooth MIDI playback quality.

How to Connect to a Musical Instrument

Tap to view the details page.

B_other Others

This allows you to view content such as the Privacy Policy and the Software License Agreement.