AP-270/470 and PX-770/870 users

To use the piano remote controller, the musical instrument and the app must be configured so that they have the same settings.

Use the procedure below to configure the settings.

1.Tap icon_PRC


2.Tap “Send from app to piano”

  • To match the settings to those on the musical instrument, tap “Send from piano to app”.

3.Tap the destination for saving the desired settings.

  • Choose “Previous data” or a save location from 1 to 4.

4.Tap “OK”

  • The settings on the musical instrument and app are configured in the same way using the specified method and the piano remote controller screen appears.
  • Tap “Cancel” to return to the top menu in the app.

icon_CP_Back: Returns to the top menu.

Displays the model name for the connected musical instrument.

icon_Ver.1_Top_No.3: Recalls the settings save screen.

icon_Ver.1_Top_No.4: Chooses whether to load the settings specified on the musical instrument into the app.

icon_Ver2_Question: Displays the manual.

Tab to recall the settings screen

Saving settings

You can save the settings specified in the app.

Tapping icon_Ver.1_Top_No.3 displays the screen shown below. Proceed as directed by the on-screen instructions.


Choose 1, 2, 3 or 4 as the save destination. Tapping Cancel returns you to the previous screen without saving the settings, while tapping OK saves the settings and then returns you to the previous screen.

About the settings


Sets the tone.

icon_Ver.1_A_SAcoustic Simulator

Sets the resonance of acoustic piano tones and the way notes are sounded.

icon_Ver.1_layerLayering Two Tones

Switches Layer mode (a function that overlays two different tones) on and off.


Turns the metronome on and off and sets the tempo, etc.

icon_Ver.1_DuetDuet Mode

Assigns the same range of notes to the left and right halves of the keyboard.

icon_Ver.1_ListenPlaying Back Built-in Songs

Selects a song built into the musical instrument and sets the playback mode.

icon_Ver.1_Lesson Practicing with the built-in songs

Specifies settings such as the volume and lesson mode for lessons that are matched to a song built into the musical instrument.

icon_Ver.1_MIDI_RECMIDI Recorder

Configures playback and recording for musical instrument performances using the built-in MIDI Recorder.

icon_Ver.1_EffectDigital Effects

Set when applying effects such as reverb and diffusion to sounds.


Sets the pitch and the keyboard touch, etc.

icon_Ver.1_OtherOther Settings

Sets the operation lock (to prevent problems such as settings being changed when buttons are touched accidentally).