Using MIDI Recorder to record/play songs

You can record what you played on the musical instrument and then listen back to the recording.

1.Tap icon_Ver.1_MIDI_REC


2.Tap icon_Ver.2_Rokuon for “Track1” or “Track2” to select the track to record.

3.With recording disabled, tap icon_Ver.2_Rokuon.

  • The software switches to recording standby mode.

4.Press icon_Ver.1_Start or just start playing on the musical instrument keyboard.

  • Recording begins.

To play back a recorded song, tap icon_Ver.1_Track for “Track1” or “Track2” while playback is disabled, select the track to be played and then tap icon_Ver.1_Start.

  • You cannot disable both Track1 and Track2 for a track to be played back.