Dividing the keyboard to play duets

This function enables you to assign the same range of notes to the left and right halves of the keyboard. The left and right pedals also act as damper pedals for the corresponding sides of the keyboard. *

* The center pedal can be used for both left and right keyboards. Only the pedal for the right side of the keyboard supports half-pedal operations.

1.Tap icon_Ver.1_Duet


2.Set “Mode” to “On”.

  • Duet mode is enabled.

Ranges of the right keyboards/Ranges of the left keyboards

Sets the octave for the C to be used as the pitch for C4 (middle C) in the left or right keyboard.


Switches Duet mode ON/OFF.

  • Tapping “Pan” automatically switches to Duet mode, with the left keyboard sound coming from the left speaker and the right keyboard sound from the right speaker.