Configuring effects

You can specify various sound effects to be added to piano notes.

1.Tap icon_Ver.1_Effect


2.Set your preferred sound effect for each item.

Hall Simulator (PX-870/AP470), Reverb (PX-770/AP-270)

This feature allows you to simulate the reverberations found in various world-famous concert halls. There are 5 settings:
“Off”: Off
“DUTCH CHURCH”: An Amsterdam church with acoustics ideally suited to music
“STANDARD HALL”: A standard concert hall
“BERLIN HALL”: An arena-type classic concert hall in Berlin
“FRENCH CATHEDRAL”: A large Gothic cathedral in Paris

You can use this feature to simulate reverberation effects based on the hall size. There are 5 settings:
“Off” (Off), “Room”, “Small hall”, “Large hall”, “Stadium”


Sets effects where the sound diffuses. There are 5 settings:
“Off” (Off), “Chorus 1”, “Chorus 2”, “Chorus 3”, Flanger (whooshing effect)


Sets the brightness of the sound. You can set any value between -3 and 3.
Tapping “+” makes the sound brighter and harder. Tapping “-” makes the sound mellower and softer.

Lower Pedal

If this is set to ON when a bass sound source is selected, pressing the damper pedal (the leftmost of the three pedals) or the sostenuto (center) pedal will apply sustained reverberation to the bass tones.