Practicing built-in songs

You can practice using the songs built into the musical instrument.

1.Tap icon_Ver.1_Lesson


2.Choose the song you want to practice from “Concert Play” or “Music Library”.

3.Use the settings below to configure settings such as the playback volume, the part you want to practice and the practice mode.

Sound Volume

Sets the playback volume for the song. Tap “+” or “-” to adjust the setting. Tap icon_Ver.1_reset to restore the default setting.

Part On/Off

Lets you choose whether to practice both hands or just one hand. Choose “Both parts on”, “Right-hand part off” or “Left-hand part off”.


Choose “Listen”, “Lesson” or “Play” as your preferred lesson mode.

  • Listen: Listen to your piano with an orchestral accompaniment.
  • Lesson: Practice the piano part. You can mute the right-hand or left-hand part of the song to practice playing those parts yourself.
  • Play: Orchestral accompaniment.