Scoring performances

You can use the scoring function to check the level at which you were able to play a song.

This function will also show information such as the number of mismatched notes.

Scoring evaluates your playing using either the app's keyboard or the keyboard of a musical instrument connected via USB or Bluetooth.

  • Scoring is applied to the parts specified in “Lesson Part” in the “playback setting”.

1.Tap icon_Player in the Player screen.

2.Choose the song you want to play from the “Song List”.

3.In the setting screen, set “Scoring” to “ON”.

Refer to the following for more information on the setting screen.

Setting “Scoring” to “ON” displays the scoring function in the Player screen.

4.Tap the Play/Pause button to play back the song and begin your performance.


Scoring progress gauge, score display: Shows a gauge of your score as you play the song and your final score.

Timing results display: Evaluates your playing on 3 levels: “Perfect”, “Good” and “Miss”. Displayed when you strike a key on the keyboard.

5.Your final score is shown when you finish playing the song.


Score display: Shows a score between 0 and 100.

Marked part: Shows the “Lesson Part” selected in the playback setting.

Total timing score: Shows the respective totals for the 3 marking levels.

Share Button: This allows you to share a capture of your scoring results screen via SNS or with other apps. Tapping this button opens the sharing menu selection screen in your OS.

Marking results: Shows your score in 5 grades: “Perfect!!” (100), “Great!” (80-99), “Good!” (60-79), “Nice try!” (20-59), “Keep trying!” (0-19).

  • Tap the stop button when you want to repeat part of a song mid-way through your performance. This stops scoring and returns you to the start of the song.