Using the metronome

The metronome produces a measured tone at set intervals. Using the metronome enables you to maintain a fixed tempo while practicing.

1.Tap icon_Ver.2_Metronome

2.Set the Beat.

One Beat (Click): The metronome clicks for every beat.

One Beat (Chime): The metronome chimes for every beat.

2-9 beats: Sets a value from Two Beat to Nine Beat. The metronome chimes on the first beat and clicks for the remaining beats.

3.Set the Tempo.

To set the tempo, specify a 3-digit number between 20 and 255. Tap the “+” or “-” button to set the tempo.
Pressing the “reset” button restores the default setting.

4.Adjust the volume as required.

On some models, the metronome sounds a delimiting tone when the setting reaches a multiple of 10.

5.Tap icon_Ver.2_Start to use the metronome.

To stop the metronome, tap icon_Ver.2_Stop again.