Configuring the keyboard/sound source

Configures keyboard and sound source settings such as the touch response and scale tuning.

1.Tap icon_Ver.2_Kenban


2.Specify the respective settings.

Touch Response

You can use this function to vary the volume and sound quality according to how hard (quickly) keys are pressed, in the same way as a real acoustic piano.


This function assigns the same range of notes to the left and right halves of the keyboard. The ON/OFF settings enable and disable the function. Selecting “Pan” enables the Duet function and configures the settings so that the left keyboard sound comes from the left speaker and the right keyboard sound comes from the right speaker.

  • When the option 3-pedal unit (SP-34) is used, the center pedal can be used for both left and right keyboards. Only the pedal for the right side of the keyboard supports half-pedal operations.
  • If the SP-3 included is used, connecting it to the DAMPER PEDAL port or EXPRESSION/ASSIGNABLE port allows it to be used as a damper pedal for both left and right keyboards. This pedal acts as a damper pedal regardless of the type of pedal effect selected. Half-pedal operation is not supported.

Duet: Octave Shift

This function configures octave shift for the left and right keyboards respectively.


This allows you to shift the key for the entire keyboard up or down in semitone increments.

Tap “+” to raise the pitch or “-” to lower it.


This allows you to shift the overall pitch up or down in increments of 0.1 Hz from the standard pitch where A4 = 440 Hz.

Scale Type

Sets the keyboard pitch. This function is useful for playing musical genres such as ethnic music. There are 17 pitch settings to choose from:
0: Equal
1: Pure Major
2: Pure Minor
3: Pythagorean
4: Kirnberger 3
5: Werckmeister
6: Mean-Tone
7: Rast
8: Bayati
9: Hijaz
10: Saba
11: Dashti
12: Chahargah
13: Segah
14: Gurjari Todi
15: Chandrakauns
16: Charukeshi

Scale Base Note

Sets the scale base note. Tap “+” to move to the next base note and “-” to return to the previous base note.

Keyboard Volume

Sets the keyboard volume.

Tap “+” to increase the volume or “-” to lower it.

Stretch Tuning

Sets a tuning method specific to acoustic pianos. Enabling this function tunes low-range tones lower than the normal equal tones and shifts high-range tones higher.