Main Functions
Main Functions
Main Functions

Tune settings

Tempo, Key

Motif input

Input mode selection:

- Keyboard input
- Notation input
- Microphone input: Whistling, female voice or male voice

- Do-re-mi input: Do, re, mi (note name) buttons and rest button

* In Keyboard and Microphone input modes, a 1-bar count-in is displayed before input begins.


Automatic composition


- Genre
- Concept
- Range of melody movement
- Level of melody tension

- Variability in bar melody
- How to make a melody
You can enable or disable obbligatos for melody A (1st theme or A), melody B (2nd theme or B) or the chorus (3rd theme or C), enable or disable Variation (variations on the main theme) and enable or disable Fugue style (obbligatos that repeat the main theme).

Playing tunes

Play/Stop, AB repeat playback, Enable/disable Part

Main screen

Automatic composition screen


- Uploading movies to YouTube: Audio for your tunes + photo slideshow (with Picture in Picture for sheet music on/off, Show Title on/off, and 2 or 4 bars set as the slide switching interval) or sheet music on flipped pagesNEW
- Sharing your tunes as audio files(AAC), ringtones, and MIDI files


- Specifying the motif input location: A, B or C (chorus)
- Specifying the motif length: 1, 2, 4 or 8 (bars)
- Setting the tone for each part
- MIDI output for the melody (right hand part) and harmony (left hand part)
- Saving and loading song files

Chordana Composer

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System requirements: iOS 11.0 or later
Compatible devices: iPhone 6 or later (except for the iPhone SE)

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