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Enjoy a virtual session playing your favorite songs

Casio original technology analyzes the chords in your audio files.
By tapping the instrument pad along with a song, you can experience a virtual performance with the analyzed chords.
Even people who've never played a musical instrument will find it easy to play along and experience for themselves how much fun playing an instrument can be.

An application that analyzes the chords in an audio file and lets you play music virtually.

Casio’s original Chordana technology analyzes the chords being played in the tracks contained in audio files on an iPad or iPhone. Simply by tapping the instrument pad in time with a song, you can play the analyzed chords in real time and discover for yourself how it feels to be part of a performance. Even if you've never played a piano or guitar, simply by tapping whenever you like, you can fully experience the pleasure of playing a musical instrument.

* The sound produced when the pad is tapped will be a close match to the mood of the song, but may not be the same chord as that used in the original.

• To use iTunes in the Cloud songs (songs purchased or played through the iTunes Match service), first download the songs to a terminal.
• The names of iTunes in the Cloud songs that have not been downloaded to a terminal are shown on the song list, regardless of terminal settings.
• Songs protected by DRM cannot be used even if downloaded.

Playing the guitar pad (DEMO SONG 1)
Music/Arrange/Piano : Junichiro Kabayama, Singer/Words : Maya Hatch

Experience a range of different musical instruments virtually [Performance pane]

You can use your favorite instrument pad to experience virtual playing. When you play using the piano pad or guitar pad, the Guide pane is displayed. A performance evaluation function is also included. After you finish playing, the app displays a radar chart showing the musical genre that most closely matches your playing style. You can also use the recording function to record your performances.

[Piano Pad]
Allows you to play the analyzed chords as single tones (black button) or as full chords (white buttons).
[Guitar Pad]
Assigns one of the analyzed chords to the individual strings and lets you play it as a chord or as an arpeggio.
[Rhythm Pad]
Lets you play a range of rhythmic patterns in a combination of drums and bass.

  • Piano Pad

  • Guitar Pad

  • Rhythm Pad

  • Evaluation Function

Experience the quality of the sound through changes in color [Guide pane]

This feature uses colors to visually show the differences in the sound in the song, based on the analyzed chords. It can also display the accents in a song or the performance history for the piano pad or guitar pad.

Professor, Department of Informatics in the School of Science and Technology at Kwansei Gakuin University
Noriko Nagata (D. Eng.)

Recent studies have revealed that there is a close correlation between those parts of the brain that experience sound and those that experience colors. For instance, psychological experiments on the correlation between chords and colors have confirmed that we sense different colors for major and minor chords, and that we experience different colors for each key (such as white for C major and blue for G major). This does not apply only to people with a particular talent for music. These studies have clearly shown that these tendencies can also be seen equally in people who simply enjoy music in the normal way. This application has been created based on the results of this type of research* into the correlation between sound and colors.

*Fujisawa TX, Nagata N, et al., H. Music mood visualization based on quantitative model of chord perception. IPSJ Journal, 50(3), 1133-1138, 2009.

Customize your own tempo, key and vocal balance

By using the app to import an audio file into your iPad or iPhone, you can modify the tempo or key of the song. This allows you to enjoy a song in a very different way from the original, such as by slowing down an up-tempo song, or dropping the key of female vocals so that it sounds more like a man. You can also adjust the balance between the vocals and the accompaniment. By playing just the vocals and playing along yourself on the instrument pad, you can discover what it feels like to accompany your favorite singer.

The Technology Behind Chordana

The Chordana series apps use original Casio technology to analyze audio files. The apps achieve unprecedented success in extracting natural chords from the time changes and the distribution of frequency components included in audio waveforms, while also taking into account the characteristics of the harmonies, melodies and rhythm instruments included in the song.

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