Chordana Play

Using Chordana Play

Selecting a song

[Main Screen]

  1. 1Tap the [Select Song] button

[Select Song] Internal songs

[Select Song] MIDI Files

For internal songs or MIDI files, tap the song name to play it.

  • *MIDI file playback supports Type 0 and Type 1 formats.
  • *With Type 1, tracks are imported as-is when there are 15 or fewer tracks. When there are 16 or more tracks, up to 32 tracks are imported to the corresponding channel for each event.

[Select Song] Import options

  1. 2Turn ON when reading the modified chords.

    *Chords generated from the MIDI file can be modified.

  2. 3Turn ON when using Chord Play.

    *For internal songs, the setting will change depending on the song selected. (1-20:ON, 21-50:OFF)

  3. 4Tap the [OK] button to import the song.

Playing the song

[Main Screen]

  1. 1Tap to begin playback or pause the song.
  2. 2Shows the current playback location within the song. Tap or swipe in the area when the song is paused to change the location.
  3. 3Swipe left or right in the music score window to move backwards or forwards through the song.
  4. 4Swipe up or down in the piano roll window to move backwards or forwards through the song.
  1. 5Tap the [AB Repeat] button.
  2. 6Tap the button to set the start location for the playback repeat (A).
  1. 7Tap or swipe in this area to set the end location of the playback repeat (B).

Playback methods for practice

When you are learning to play a song, you can make it easier by adjusting the tempo and practicing the left-hand and right-hand parts separately. You can also try using the fingering guides and step lessons.

[Main Screen]

  1. 1Tap the [Play Settings] button.

[Play Settings]

[Fingering] on

  1. 2Change the tempo (from 20 to 300 bpm).
    - Hold the [+/-] buttons to increase or decrease the number.
    - Tap the [Reset] button to return to the original tempo.
  2. 3Transpose
    - Tap the [+/-] buttons to change the key relative to the original.
    - Tap the [Reset] button to return to the original key.
  3. 4Select left hand, right hand, or both hands.
    - The selected part will be shown in the music score and piano roll.
  4. 5Toggle the fingering guide on or off.
  5. 6Select the step lesson [Step].
    OFF: Normal playback.
    1: Playback pauses until notes are played on the virtual keyboard.
    2: Playback pauses until the correct notes are played on the virtual keyboard.
    3: You perform the part yourself.
  6. 7Return to the [Main Screen].

Keyboard link

The keyboard link function enables you to use an audio cable to send melody and chord data along with the audio playback. Use the keyboard's light-up function and practice step-up lessons directly on the keyboard itself. The function has two modes.

Performance mode

When a song is played, the light-up keyboard shows the left-hand part and the melody. The notes and chords for the melody are shown on the keyboard's LCD.

Save mode

You can transfer and save the song's right-hand melody and left-hand chord data, or the left-hand performance data, to the keyboard. You can then play along to the song and use the step-up lesson function, without having to connect your smartphone or tablet.

Setup for both performance mode and save mode

  1. 1Ensure that the keyboard is switched off.
  2. 2Insert an audio cable into the audio output (headphone) port of your smartphone or tablet.
  3. 3Insert the other end of the cable into the AUDIO IN port on the keyboard.
  4. 4Turn the keyboard on, and enable the app function.

    *For details about operating your keyboard, refer to the keyboard manual.

  • ・To use the keyboard link function, ensure that a compatible keyboard is connected with the cable, and that the app function is enabled. In the following circumstances, you may hear the sound of data being transferred:

    • - When connected to a non-compatible keyboard
    • - When headphones or other audio equipment are connected
  • ・Do not use an audio cable with electrical resistance.
  • ・It may not function on non-compatible smart devices.