Exclusive interview


For the 40 years since its inception, Casio has produced a wide variety of electronic musical instruments based on the philosophy of delivering the joys of music and performance to as many people as possible. Casio’s musical instruments have played an important role in the development of the musical careers of many current musicians.
As part of our special events to commemorate the 40th anniversary of Casio’s electronic musical instruments, we had a conversation with the music producer and artist Atozzio.


Please tell us a bit about yourself.

I’m Atozzio a singer/songwriter from Jacksonville, FL in America. I’ve released two albums in Japan a few years back The Imprint & The Imprint II respectively having a #1, and 4 Top 10s in Japan.

Give us a sense of your identity as an artist, and tell us about your recent musical activities.

I’m an eclectic artist. I love all genres of music. I’m currently just finished my 3rd album which I recorded in Malaysia this past year. Which is a nostalgic musical experience with a current bop.

Do you have any special memories associated with Casio instruments?

It was a learning experience with production & music programming that has now become the standard and norm. It was fun figuring out, how to make music through the Casio keyboard production station.

What do you think about the past 40 years in the history of electronic musical instruments?

Long gone are the days of musicians in sessions and analog music programming. Which has paved the way for digital music production. Casio help to innovate this process and music credit is due. Only thing that I feel is missing from this digital musical era is the authenticity of the feeling of analog and live production.

Please give Casio a message for the 40th anniversary.

As I just stated before Casio has done a great job in its inception of sound imitation of life instruments. I would live to dig more into that era of true warm sounds that Casio gave on the LK-90TV when I first started, that’s what I miss!!

What do you hope to see from Casio in the future?

To jump more into the digital world of music production. I feel Casio brought something different and classic to the table in your sound libraries on their music stations. Now it’s time to jump in with that progressive musical generation and create that sound that us Casio babies miss!!!! What makes music special has and will always be the feeling it give you when you hear it. And that’s what Casio gave me and many others when we first recognized it was music that we wanted to do first the rest of our lives!!!! Thank you Casio, looking forward to seeing what you do in the future.