Featuring the AiX Sound Source, groundbreaking for a portable keyboard

Casio developed the AiX Sound Source by leveraging the expertise it had accumulated in keyboard-oriented sound source development since the synthesizer’s debut. The premier CT-X5000 model features 800 preset tones, with those such as the piano, strings and drums tones in particular able to faithfully reproduce even the ambient vibe of the actual instruments as they would be played. The keyboard features speakers specially designed to deliver the full capabilities of the sound source along with a full range of functions, including Auto Accompaniment, geared to everything from performance to music production. As an alternative to highly priced synthesizers, and as an affordable all-in-one keyboard that is groundbreaking for a portable model, the CT-X5000 has been highly acclaimed throughout the world by everyone from young people in bands to professionals who give solo performances of ensemble arrangements.

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