CELVIANO Grand Hybrid GP-500BP




An ideal blend of innovation and tradition: A revolutionary new natural grand hammer action keyboard made with wooden keys material as used in C. Bechstein grand pianos.

Engaging in collaborative development with the German piano maker C. BECHSTEIN, Casio researched and analyzed three grand pianos with long histories in minute detail, integrating the findings with Casio digital technology to produce the CELVIANO Grand Hybrid, a model that seeks to comprehensively reproduce grand pianos’ uniquely characteristic sounds and resonances, the dynamics of their keyboards with wooden keys and actions, and so on. Overturning preconceptions held by advanced piano users skeptical of how digital pianos perform, such as pro pianists and piano instructors, the model continues to change attitudes— so much to that it has even prompted them to recommend it to other serious aspiring pianists or their own students.