PD Sound Source Synthesizer "CZ-App fir iPad" - A PD sound source synthesizer capable of producing a huge range of sounds, now reborn on the iPad!

This app reproduces the functionality of Casio’s best-selling CZ-series models, such as the CZ-101 (first released in 1984), and also includes new functions.

Featuring a built-in 4-part PD (phase distortion) sound source, its 36 waveforms are capable of generating an extensive and diverse range of sounds. The created tones can also be played on MIDI-compatible instruments.

Product Features

Preset Tone Demo

The PD sound source system

Phase Distortion (PD) works by distorting a sine wave when it is read so that various different
waveforms are produced.

At the time, it was a ground-breaking system for generating waveforms other than simple sine waves.

In the CZ series, 8 basic waveforms were generated by the PD sound source, with pairs of

those 8 waveforms cascaded to provide a total of 33 waveforms.

Main screen

An extensive parameter set to
allow richly varied sound creation

Two block configuration systems are provided for each of the DCO, DCW and DCA


Parameters to set basic waveforms. 8 basic waveforms can be selected for each of the 2 sound sources. You can play with a wide range of sounds based on eight basic waveforms and 28 combinations of those basic waveforms—for a total of 36 types of waveforms.


One Key Follow feature (DCW1/DCW2) controls waveforms based on the upper and lower extent of the keyboard's register while the other Key Follow feature (DCA1/DCA2) controls the envelope duration based on the keyboard's register.


CZ-series synthesizers allowed users to choose from 4 types of line output (1+2' or 1+1') depending on the purpose. Using 2 DCOs allowed the use of detuning to fine-tune the pitch shift in the two systems to within ±4 octaves, which is useful not only in creating a chorus effect, but also for producing sounds with specific harmonics emphasized.


Ring modulation can be used to produce metallic tones that include non-integer harmonics, while noise modulation is effective in creating percussion-like sounds.


An envelope generator is provided for each DCO, DCW and DCA core block in the two systems, which makes it possible to vary the tuning, tones and volume over time.

Tone edit screen

Mixer screen

Play along to your favorite audio files

You can use the keyboard to play along to audio files on an iPad.

Multi-play mode combines keyboard layouts to
allow new ways of playing

The new performance interface lets you can combine 2, 3 or 4 keyboards, or even flip the layout so that other people can play along with you.

Multi play screen

Supports external MIDI instruments and
inter-app collaboration

Inter-App Audio (iOS 7 or later)
Audiobus compatible (input only)
Playable using an external MIDI keyboard(via a third-party MIDI interface, an Apple Lightning-USB camera adapter* plus USB cable, or the Apple iPad Camera Connection Kit* plus USB cable)

* If the Lightning to USB Camera Adapter or Apple iPad Camera Connection Kit is used with an iPhone/iPod touch, is required.

Product Features