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Question Mark TOWER Question Mark Tower Mystery 1 What’s inside a calculator?
Calculators can solve even the most difficult problems in an instant.
You probably thought they were packed tight with wires and circuits, but a look inside shows they are actually quite neat and simple!
What do you find when you take a calculator apart?
(1) Liquid crystal display Displays numbers. (2) Solar cell Generates electricity using sunlight, indoor light, or other kinds of light. (3) Battery connectors Takes the solar cell’s electricity to the rest of the calculator. (4) Switch There is a switch under each calculator button. Each time you press a button, the switch under it goes on. And when you take your finger off, the switch goes off. (5) LSI The brain of the calculator. It performs calculations and processes data. (6) Rubber cushions Placed between the buttons and on/off switches to let the calculator know what the user wants to do.
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